Information for Rovers

We are more than happy for rovers to participate over the weekend!

You can either compete in a team, or help onsite.


If you want to compete, please go to our Information for Leaders and Rovers to compete page.


There will be a separate sub-camp for rovers with toilets supplied. You will need to bring all the gear you need to camp for the weekend. All stunt staff are invited to the base camp on Saturday night for a kick-arse dessert.

If you would like to help, there are vacancies in:

  • Stunts (ideas and equipment provided, if necessary)
  • Administration
  • Helping with the central base camp

For more information, please contact:

Armstrong Chief - Colin Ritchie
0458 247 479

Stunt Co-ordinator - Rob Wilcox
0420 947 102
03 5968 4427

Admin Co-ordinator - Phil Britt
03 9998 2002

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